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We organize unforgettable rafting tours on the river Cetina in Croatia for more than 10 years.



Rafting on Cetina

Rafting on the Cetina river is a recreation suitable for all generations, which means it is a perfect way to spend quality, outdoor time with your friends, family, and loved ones.

Rafting in a canoe for 10 kilometers down the canyon of the river Cetina and enjoying beautiful, untouched scenery is a breathtaking experience.

About the rafting tour

The starting point of our rafting adventure is at the old bridge called Cikotina Ladja and after 10 kilometers of rafting down the stream of the Cetina river we arive at the finishing point near the village Blato na Cetini.

One tour lasts around 3 hours and includes few stopping points where you can swim and jump into the river or relax and take photographs. A special threat half way through the ride is near the old watermill where you can stand underneath the small waterfall and have a natural hydro-massage.

Tour options

You can choose to go down the river in a canoe with the guide or you can handle the canoe by yourself. Canoes are for two or three persons so you can choose what suits you the best.

What you need

You should bring with youself:

  • Clothes you don’t mind getting wet
  • Towel 
  • Spare clothes 
  • Sun protection
  • Positive energy 

Personal belongings, such as mobile phones or wallets, can be placed in a waterproof barrel during the tour. They will be monitored and secured by our guides during the rafting tour, so you won’t need to worry about them while rafting. During the brakes you can use your phone and take pictures. Or you can take them while rafting if you are brave enough. 

What you don’t need

Professional equipement:

  • Helmet 
  • Wetsuit
  • Life-vest
  • Boots
  • Canoe

3-3.5h of pure fun 

20% Discount for children 

2 or 3 person per canoe


If you choose to raft with Cetina tours, you need to show up at agreed time on the meeting point at the address Rudine 1, Gornji Dolac, 21204.

The best way to arrive at the location is by searching for „Rafting Cetina Tours“ on your map and follow the instructions.  Or scroll down and get directions and location on Google Maps

At the meeting point, you will be welcomed by the owners, the Mišerda family, who will greet you with the welcoming drinks and snacks.

From the meeting point, you will be taken to the starting point at the old bridge Cikotina ladja in a Cetina Tours van.

From the ending point in village Blato na Cetini, you will be picked up by the Cetina tours van and taken back to the meeting point in Gornji Dolac.


Our guides are experienced locals that know every centimeter of Cetina, and their job is to keep you safe and entertained during the tour. 
They are trained, certified, and well prepared for anything that can happen on the Cetina river. 

Before the rafting adventure, they will provide you with the necessary equipment and instructions for handling the canoe and going down the Cetina.
During the adventure, you can choose to paddle the canoe yourself, but our guides are more than happy to help you if needed.

We also want to point out that all of our guides have been vaccinated for COVID-19.